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    Vitremer Introductory Kit

    3M Espe Vitremer Introductory Kit

    glass ionomer filling and core build up material

    Brand: 3M Espe
    Article number: 3303 i

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    Vitremer Introductory Kit397,91 EUR

    Core Build-up/Restorative
    Vitremer is a glass ionomer core build-up and restorative material
    with patented Triple Curing Technology.

    - Core build-ups prior crown placement
    - Filling undercuttings in preparation of crowns
    - Class I and II restorations in primary teeth
    - Permanent class III and V restorations
    - Restauration of root caries lesions
    - Cavity lining

    Product Benefits
    - Patented triple curing technology: Light-curing, chemical curing
    and additive glass ionomer setting reaction
    - Highly aesthetic due to 7 standard and 2 special shades
    - Low abrasion
    - High fluoride release

    Vitremer Introductory Kit
    6 Powders assorted in the Shades A3, A4, C2, C4, Paedo, Blue (5 g each), 1 Primer 6.5 ml, 2 Liquids 8 ml each, 1 Finishing Gloss
    6.5 ml, 60 Single-Use Brushes, 50 Application Tips, 1 Mixing Pad (7.5 x 13 cm), 1 Mixing Well,
    1 Vitremer Shade Guide, Accessories


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