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    Impregum Penta H DuoSoft Refill

    3M Espe Impregum Penta H DuoSoft Refill

    3M Espe Impregum Penta H DuoSoft polyether impression material refills in cartridges

    Brand: 3M Espe
    Article number: 31740

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    Impregum Penta H DuoSoft Refill341,40 EUR

    3M Espe Impregum Penta Polyether Impression Materials feature high level accuracy of detail & dimensional stability. The most important feature is the reliability of the impression - even under difficult clinical conditions - and the high precision fit of the finished work.
    Dr. Priti Thanasi, from Broughton Dental Practice, Leicestershire, reported that Impregum Polyether Impression Material is very good its a reliable and accurate material. I would never use anything else! In fact, Priti was so convinced by the benefits of Impregum that she admitted that she hasnt wanted to try an alternative material!

    Features & Benefits
    The only true polyether impression material on the UK market
    Excellent detail reproduction due to high level of hydrophilicity
    Captures fine detail due to excellent flow properties
    snap-set behaviour
    Fresh minty flavour

    Crown and bridge impressions
    Inlay and onlay impressions
    Functional impressions
    Implant impressions

    Technical information
    Excellent detail reproduction due to high level of hydrophilicity.
    Impregum's high level of hydrophilicity displaces moisture right from the first contact with tissue ensuring uncompromised marginal accuracy and integrity. From the time it is mixed until it sets, moisture in the mouth does not interfere with achieving accurate, void-free impressions. This results in great detail reproduction in a wet environment, which is why recent market data suggests most UK dentists prefer Impregum impression material over Vinyl Polysiloxane.&sup4;
    Less stress due to unique ‘snap-set behaviour.
    Its snap-set behaviour ensures that it will not start setting before the working time ends; when it does, though, it does so immediately. Hence, the indicated working time can actually be used to full capacity.

    3M Espe Impregum Penta H DuoSoft Refill
    2 base pastes 300 ml, 2 catalysts 60 ml


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