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    We deliver international

    Created: 2018.04.24
    Last refreshed: 2018.05.14

    We deliver international

    When we talk about services of an online store, one of the hot topics is delivery.
    The quality of the delivery says a lot about the quality of the online shop itself. Inland deliveries, meaning deliveries to Hungary is delivered by MPL Hungarian Mail Logistics, express deliveries. I could talk a lot about the advantages of this service. But I think if you are reading this you are rather concerned about our international deliveries.

    Abroad we deliver with GLS (General Logistic System). GLS is a reliable international forwarded, so you can expect the parcel to arrive fast, safe and in time. If you are not at home, no problem, the delivery boy will call you on the phone and arrange a second delivery time with you.

    GLS delivers all over Europe on a very competitive price so we also providing these favourable prices to you.

    Also worth mentioning that our webshop validates EU VAT numbers on the fly. Means if you have a valid EU VAT number you can buy NET (without 27% HU VAT) immediately without the need for any live person interference. I have mentioned this as if you are eligible for NET order, not only products but also the delivery is billed NET!

    Buy good products fast and cheap and we will get them delivered fast and secured!


    If you have any question You can ask here, We reply fast
    Or call us: +36(30) 660-9583
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