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    Terms and Conditions


    The terms and conditions contains the terms and conditions of the usage of website operated by Szabo Company ( seat : Szeged, Tax number :24306702206) as a „provider”. Please use our service if you agree with all points of our terms and conditions. This document will newer be administrated, it will only be an electronical agreement ( it wont be qualified as written contract ) code of conduct does not refer to behaviour.

    Details of the Provider:

    Name of the site
    Provider: Szabo Company Kereskedelmi Kft.
    Seat of provider: Szeged
    packaging at : Budapest
    electronical mail adress: [email protected]
    company registration number: Cg.06-09-020060
    Tax number: 24306702206
    Phone number: +36 (30) 660-9583
    Data Protection regsitration number: NAIH-78633/2014
    Data protection officer: Zoltán Szabó [email protected] +36 (30) 660-9583
    Data incident report template: link
    language of contract: Hungarian
    Details of hosting provider:
    UK-2 Limited
    91 Brick Lane
    London, E1 6QL
    Company registration number: 03550739
    Fax: +44 (0)845 270 5570


    Basic Provisions:

    1.1. Questions not covered in these Rules, something the interpretation of these regulations governed by Hungarian law, Act V, specifically with regard to the Civil Code 2013, the e-commerce services, something on certain aspects of information society services CVIII 2001. the relevant provisions of the Act. The mandatory provisions of relevant legislations are governing for all the parties without a specific clause.
    1.2. The scope of the present Terms and Conditions is website.
    1.3. The website as a copyright work is under copyright protection.
    1.4. We are always available via the following e-mail: [email protected]


    Privacy Policy:

    1.5. Our Privacy Policy can be seen under this link Privacy Policy
    Portfolio of the purchasable products and services:
    1.6. In the websop we offer dental products for sale. The goods are dental products or belongs to dental jobs. The prices are gross price. The delivery and packaging charges are accumulated in favor of the customer preferences.
    1.7.In the webshop the provider is showing the name of the product, the detail of the products and a photo of the goods. The photo of goods can be different from the reality, in some cases it is an illustration.
    1.8. The offer details including the time and other restrictions will be shown by provider on the site.


    Order Process and deliveries:

    For more information please visit the ordering process page on this site.


    Right of withdrawal:

    1.16. Laying down detailed rules for contracts between the consumer (buyer) and the company (seller) 45/2014. Under the control of Government Decree. (II.26.) User (buyer) ordered the product may rescind the contract without giving any reason within 30 days of receipt, you can return the ordered products.
    1.17. Exercise the right of withdrawal process: ( Buyer ) the right to cancel any time to live, be justified and may indicated the following contact address: [email protected]

    Guarantee, warranty:

    1.18. The warranty period of the webshop advertised products may different. Therefore it is not listed, if you want you can get information on the website via mail or phone. In case of failure, the warranty service centre located in any of warranty and invoice or letter issued by the seller in person or over the phone informed on what to do, or contact details of the seller in one provide information. See also 151/2003. Government Decree.. PTK's warranty, a warranty, product warranty rules, which fully applies to the side ( sell dates.


    Return shipment:

    The products can be returned in 30 Days from purchase day, in original condition and package with all the original content of the parcel. If you attach an invoice of the resending delivery fee, for our company name we can refund the return delivery costs also.
    Before sending back any product please contact us on any of our contacts or send us an email: [email protected]


    Complaint handling:

    1.19. If you have any complaint you can reach us on any of the contact below: [email protected]



    The users and buyers can get notifying about any changes of Terms and Conditions. These changes can be found on the site of Terms and Conditions in chronological orders. Those are public and shown along with the privacy statement on the main page.



    Pament method can be sleected by the buyer on the shopping cart page.
    Online bank card payments are made through the Barion system. The credit card information does not reach the merchant. The service provider is Barion Payment Zrt.

    Miscellaneous provisions:

    1.20. Provider and User ( Buyer or Seller) try to resolve their problems on peaceful way. In case the subject of the regulation between User ( Buyer or Seller) Service provider cannot be solved in 30 calendar days are falling under the Hungarian right and will be negotiated on the law court of Szeged at Hungary.


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