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    Buying process

    In our webshop you can buy as a guest without any registration.

    Use of Basket (shopping cart)

    After selecting the product on the product page or at the order list. select the quantity of the product, after add it into the shopping cart with the button icon "Add To chart". At the header section Near the Basket icon you can see the products which have already When clicking the cart button , you can see the preview of the shopping cart. Here you can check the list of products in the cart. When clicking the Open Shopping Cart Button you can modify the content of it. To modify the quantity of the Shopping Cart please write the requested quantity and press the refresh cart button . To delete products please press the X icon at the end of the line. To delete the full content of the cart please use the Empty Cart button.

    Calculating the delivery fee

    On the Cart page select the delivery method and set it to “normal” or “express” After it the page will show a calculated fee of the delivery. To calculate the delivery fee please click the “ calculation “ button. You can see the exact delivery fee after adding the delivery address.

    Ordering process

    To order content of shopping chart please select the ordering button on the data recording site. Here you will have 3 options. You can buy as guest , in this case you have to provide invoicing and delivery addresses. We not register you on the site . Further more your convenience if you not unable your cookies in your browser the page will remember your address details. As a second option If you are a registered member and forget to log in . You can do the buying and the content of the Shopping Cart won’t be lost. If you are not a registered member , but you want to be part of the loyalty program you can choose registration.

    Data registry process

    You can see this page as a guest or as a registered member. Here you have to provide your delivery and invoicing details. It is important if you buy as a foreigner customer you have to mention the EU VAT number because the program check it immediately. If the EU VAT number is valid and the address details match you can buy products on net price. If you register we will send you an activation e-mail where you can find a link. After clicking on it you can activate your registration. Please provide your e-mail address carefully because we will send the order confirmation to your e-mail address If you buy as a guest we won’t send any e-mail you will be forwarded to the cashier. 


    In this page you can select the payment method. You can choose money transfer option. In this case after we receive the money we will send you the products. As a Hungarian customer we receive the money on a day of transfer or maximum 1 day plus after sending the money. If your transfer arrives until 2 pm we process your order on the same day. If you choose the Card payment we will send you the products on the day of the money transfer. If you choose collect package method the price of the package will be charged with collect package fee and you have to pay for the forwarder. Our Delivery Service is the Magyar Posta Zrt. MPL express service. On the cashier page you can see the sum of the shopping cart with product details what you can check if you are a registered member. If you buy as a guest you can go back to the details page where you can modify your details if you want. 

    Card Payment

    In our webshop you can use safety bank card payment which is insured by CIB Bank. The safety is based on splitting details. Our webshop receives the ordering information from the shop, the bank receives only the payment information with card details in a secured site. The banking details are protected with 128 bit SSL security provided by CIB Bank. The webshop will not informed about your secured banking details, only the CIB bank can receive it.After the payment the webshop will inform you about the result of the transaction. For using bank card payment your browser have to support the SSL security. The price of the qoods will be charged immediately on your bank invoice. For more information please read out the detailed information.


    After the money transfer or card payment the customer will receive a confirmation e-mail to the registered e-mail address. The e-mail shows the ordering information and the necessary information for the money transfer, if you choose the money transfer payment. Please protect the confirmation e-mail. 


    After we receive the order, we process it and send it to the delivery address according to the delivery method We inform customers about the posting and the delivering of the packages via e-mail. We also provide the tracking ID belonging to the package for customers via e-mail Customers can get the invoice posted with products.


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