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    3M Espe Elipar Deep Cure L LED polymerisation lamp

    Elipar Deep Cure L LED polymerisation lamp, thanks to its optimised optics the deep and strong polimerisation is secured

    Brand: 3M Espe
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    Elipar Deep Cure L LED polymerisation lamp725,76 EUR

    3M Espe Elipar DeepCure LED Curing Lights
    Do you often use bulk fill material or other type of deep fillings in posterior region?

    Research shows that 69% of dentists who place bulk fill restorations are not confident of polymerization deep in the cavity.
    The answer to the challange is arrived from 3M Espe with the Elipar DeepCure LED Curing Lights.

    A deep, uniform cure is secured even in hard to reach areas when the light inst positioned 100% properly.
    Elipar DeepCure LED curing lights hold true to their name its task is to deep cure any restoration material.

    Due to optimized optics of the light guide head you can be confident that your restorations will have a deep, uniform cure "from center to trim" from "surface to cavity bottom"
    and at clinically relevant distances.

    Battery lap for the convinient cable free use

    To see the complete 3M brochure enriched with laboratory tests click the link in the grey box below.

    Elipar Deep Cure L LED polymerisation lamp (lightweight plastic casing)


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