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    Realprovi KB 4:1

    Real Realprovi KB 4:1

    Realprovi KB 4:1 multifunctional methacrylat-based, two-component paste-like temporaly crown and bridge material in automix cartridge

    Brand: Real
    Available in multiple variants

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    The Realprovi KB 4: 1 multifunctional methacrylat-based, two-component paste-like composite. Excellent for short - and
    long-term temporary crowns, bridges, inlays, onlays preparation directly to the praxis.

    The temporary dentures made of Realprovi 4:1 can be easily repaired in the event of breaking. Methylmethacrylat free high stability material for the preparation of long- span bridges.

    Available shades: A2, A3.5

    Realprovi KB 14:1 50ml cartridge, + 10 db mixing tips, VITA shades


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