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    3M Espe Sof-Lex Pop-On Polishing Discs 9.5mm 50pcs

    3M Espe Sof-Lex polishing discs refill diameter 9.5 mm, 50pcs, for the fast time saver and aesthetic polish

    Brand: 3M Espe
    Available in multiple variants

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    Sof-Lex Finishing and Polishing System:

    Tooth Polishing Discs
    -Flexible polishing discs with aluminium oxide coating
    -Four different abrasive grades (coarse to superfine) and two disc thicknesses (normal and extra thin)
    -Each abrasive grade is identified by a special colour-coding system
    -Discs can be easily changed due to the patented Pop-On Mandrel System
    -Fracture resistant and sterilisable metal mandrel

    3M ESPE Sof-Lex Finishing and Polishing Discs for polishing of composite, compomer, metal and ceramic
    Sof-Lex polishing discs for facial and lingual margins of anterior and posterior restorations.

    Technical information:
    3M ESPE Sof-Lex Finishing and Polishing Discs provide coarse to superfine grits clearly colour-coded for ease of procedure sequencing and quick, pop-on/off disc interchangeability.
    Reversible Discs
    Makes aligning disc easier for polishing various surfaces
    Fast and Easy Disc Change
    Simply snaps securely on or off mandrel with no need for alignment
    Sequenced from dark (coarse) to light (superfine) for easily followed step-by-step process
    Two Sizes
    For a variety of needs
    13 mm or 9 mm
    Maximized Abrasive Surface
    Mandrel is low profile. Disc has a small round eyelet
    Choice of disc Thickness and Flexibility
    Applicable to a variety of uses with regular or extra thin construction

    50pcs 3M Espe Sof-Lex Pop-On Polishing Discs, Refill 9.5mm diameter


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