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    Impregum Penta L DuoSoft Refill

    3M Espe Impregum Penta L DuoSoft Refill

    3M Espe Impregum Penta L DuoSoft Refill 2 base pastes – 300 ml, 2 catalysts – 60 ml

    Brand: 3M Espe
    Article number: 31745

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    Impregum Penta L DuoSoft Refill311,96 EUR

    3M Espe Impregum Penta Polyether Impression Materials feature high level accuracy of detail & dimensional stability. The most important feature is the reliability of the impression - even under difficult clinical conditions - and the high precision fit of the finished work.
    Dr. Priti Thanasi, from Broughton Dental Practice, Leicestershire, reported that Impregum Polyether Impression Material is very good its a reliable and accurate material. I would never use anything else! In fact, Priti was so convinced by the benefits of Impregum that she admitted that she hasnt wanted to try an alternative material!

    Features & Benefits
    The only true polyether impression material on the UK market
    Excellent detail reproduction due to high level of hydrophilicity
    Captures fine detail due to excellent flow properties
    snap-set behaviour
    Fresh minty flavour

    Crown and bridge impressions
    Inlay and onlay impressions
    Functional impressions
    Implant impressions

    Impregum Penta L DuoSoft Refill
    1x300 ml basepaste, 1x60 ml catalysts


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