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    Desderman Pure gel 60ml

    Schülke Desderman Pure gel 60ml

    color and fragrance free hand disinfection gel

    Brand: Schülke
    Article number: 126906

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    Schülke Desderman Pure Gel

    Our plus:
    -meets the FDA clinical efficacy standards (TFM)
    -tested in accordance with European standard
    -suitable for hygienic and surgical hand disinfection
    -colour and fragrance free, therefore hypoallergenic
    -with bonus of skin protection and care through
    -re-fatting agents

    Areas of application
    - Hygienic hand disinfection
    - Surgical hand disinfection

    Dosing instructions and method of use:
    desderman® pure gel is to be used undiluted. During the contact time for hygienic and surgical hand disinfection, desderman®
    pure gel should be applied in portions so that the hands remain well moistened during the whole application time.

    Schülke Desderman Pure gel 60 ml


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