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    Dentavon Liquid, impression disinfectant 2 Liter

    Schülke Dentavon Liquid, impression disinfectant 2 Liter

    Schülke Dentavon Liquid 2 Liter is a ready-to-use disinfectant liquid for cleaning and disinfection of dental impressions

    Brand: Schülke
    Article number: 119411
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    Dentavon Liquid, impression disinfectant 2 Liter15,22 EUR

    ready-to-use liquid, liquid detergents and disinfectants, disinfection of dental impressions.

    Ready to use solution
    Extensive antimicrobial spectrum of activity within 5 minutes
    excellent anyagkompatibiltás
    Rapid disinfection of dental impressions
    Dental and prosthetic materials, like silicone, polyether and combined cleaning and disinfection of alginate acceptable molded materials .

    Schülke Dentavon Liquid 2 Liter


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