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    Soft Monophase Single Pack

    3M Espe Soft Monophase Single Pack

    3M Espe Soft Monophase, polyether impression material in cartridges, base and catalisator together for use in mixing machines

    Brand: 3M Espe
    Article number: 31798
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    Soft Monophase Single Pack124,87 EUR

    3M Espe Soft Monophase Polyether Impression Material

    3M ESPE (Soft) Monophase from the inventor of polyether impression materials.
    Taking precision impressions is a critical step in providing patients with high-quality restorations. As the worldwide leader in
    impression solutions, 3M ESPE is renowned for its dedication to quality and its innovative products. Since the introduction of
    the first impression materials more than 45 years ago, 3M ESPE innovations have continuously advanced impression technology.
    Award-winning 3M ESPE polyether impression materials tried and tested for decades
    have become a synonym for top-notch impression precision. The made in Germany
    success story now continues: 3M ESPE (Soft) Monophase material is your material of
    choice for all of your precision impressions and especially for implant and edentulous

    - Implant impressions
    - Edentulous impressions
    - Crown and bridge impressions
    - Inlay and onlay impressions

    3M Espe Soft Monophase Single Pack
    1 Soft Monophase base paste 300 ml, 1 Soft Monophase catalyst 60 ml


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