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    Profluorid Varnish 1x10ml

    VOCO Profluorid Varnish 1x10ml

    Fluoride - containing dental desensitising varnish ( 5 % NaF)

    Brand: VOCO
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    Profluorid Varnish
    Fluoride - containing dental desensitising varnish ( 5 % NaF)

    - Treatment of hypersensitive teeth
    - sealing the dentinal tubules , e.g. for cavity preparations or on sensitive root surfaces

    - tooth - shaded varnish
    - easy to apply - with excellent adhesion even to wet tooth surfaces
    - fast desensitisation and fluoride release ( 5 % = 22600 ppm fluoride)
    - four pleaset flavours
    - economical application in thin layers high yield
    - ideal for treating cervical areas after professional cleaning and calculus removal.

    VOCO Profluorid Varnish 1 x 10 ml Tubes


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