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    Optidam Intro Kit

    Kerr Optidam Intro Kit

    Kerr Optidam Intro Kit, kofferdam kit, 3-dimensional shape, together with its dedicated anatomical frame

    Brand: Kerr
    Available in multiple variants

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    Kerr OptiDam is the first rubber dam with 3-dimensional shape and nipple design. OptiDam's 3-dimensional shape, together with its dedicated anatomical frame, matches the contours of the mouth and therefore widens the accessible oral area for the dentist. This specific combination of 3D design of the rubber dam and the anatomical frame allow reduced tension, resulting in easier rubber dam application and low risk of clamps coming off.

    OptiDam is available in two versions - anterior and posterior - to cover all your needs.

    OptiDam involves much less preparatory work than with conventional rubber dams; no marking of the tooth position thanks to outward oriented nipples and no hole-punching procedures as the nipples are easily cut. The unique 3D dam, in combination with its anatomical frame, guarantees less tension for easy pre-assembling and immediate placement.
    In addition to the easy handling and ultimate convenience, Kerr OptiDam offers maximum patient comfort.

    10 x Kerr Optidam + 1 anatomical frame.


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