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    Heraceram pasteopaquer 2ml

    Kulzer Heraceram pasteopaquer 2ml

    metal alloys veneering ceramic in bottles

    Brand: Kulzer
    Available in multiple variants

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    Stains for all porcelain lines of Kulzer. Whether low or high CTE the universal stains adjust their firing properties to the respective porcelain base. The range of indications covers all applications from the classical individualisation to a comprehensive colour design on monochromatic systems.

    - Very good processing consistency;
    - Flexible firing temperature for ZrO?, lithium disilicate, high-fusing and low-fusing metal ceramics.

    - Individual characterisation and reproduction of anomalies;
    - Modification of the standard shade with regard to hue and brightness value;
    - Local chroma strengthening;
    - Design in terms of colour of the dentine and the incisals on the monochromatic systems of the press, press-over and layering technique as well as on monolithic ZrO? frames.

    Kulzer Heraceram Opaquer - 1x2ml


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