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    Pentamix 3 Mixing Machine

    Pentamix 3 Mixing Machine (photo2)

    3M Espe Pentamix 3 Mixing Machine

    3M Espe Pentamix 3 Mixing Machine, automatic impression mixing machine

    Brand: 3M Espe
    Article number: 77871

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    Pentamix 3 Mixing Machine2 079,62 EUR

    3M Espe Pentamix 3

    With the touch of a button, the Pentamix 3 Automatic Mixing Unit delivers a completely homogeneous mix for exceptionally accurate impressions and perfectly fitting restorations.

    Features & Benefits

    High mixing quality: void-free and consistent mixing of impression material including putty materials.

    Hygienic and clean dispensing of all types of impression material.

    Operation security: built-in sensor detects Penta Authentication Label on each base paste foil bag which guarantees optimised mixing parameters and speed of extrusion.

    Mixes and dispenses all 3M ESPE impression materials evenly

    Wall-mounting option included
    Penta Cartridges display material name and working/setting times
    Optimized design for left- and right-handed operators.

    For automatic mixing of all Penta Impression Materials:

    Express XT VPS Impression Material
    Impregum Polyether Impression Material
    Position Penta VPS Alginate Replacement
    Dimension Penta Putty VPS Impression Material

    Pentamix 3 Mixing Machine


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