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    Inline 1ml

    Naturelize Inline 1ml

    1 ml hyaluron acid in syringe

    Brand: Naturelize
    Available in multiple variants
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    -inline consists of cross-linked hyaluronic acid produced by a fermentation process.
    -inline is an allround-filler for each kind of standard treatment.

    Due to the wide range of indications and the highly variable conditions met in different patients, information on the length of time for which the product remains in the tissues is given without guarantee and is based solely on approximations from our experience. 12 months can be given as a ballpark figure.

    The optimal degree of cross-linking enables inline to offer the perfect balance of biological compatibility and excellent treatment outcomes.
    Recommended indications:

    forehead wrinkles
    perioral wrinkles
    soft lip augmentation
    lip contours

    -glabellar fold

    Injection depth:
    -upper/mid dermal

    Needle size:
    normal: 30 gauge (2 needles supplied)
    soft:      27 gauge (2 needles supplied)

    - Naturelize Inline 1 ml syringe


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