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    Signum Composite Enamel 4g

    Kulzer Signum Composite Enamel 4g

    vennering composite for metal frameworks in enamel shades

    Brand: Kulzer
    Available in multiple variants

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    Signum Composite
    Our Signum composite veneering system is ideal for veneering metal frameworks. For long-lasting restorations and exemplary occlusal comfort.
    The paste compounds are available as a complete range (the essentials with the compound opaque F, margin, dentine for tooth build-up and incisal with enamel and effect compounds for optimal finishing) or as individual components.

    Signum composite has a wide range of applications:
    -full and partial veneers for permanent metal-supported crowns and bridges
    -anterior and posterior jacket crowns
    -veneering removable combination prosthetics (telescopic and conical crowns and attachment prosthetics)
    -for superstructures on implants
    -for characterisation of prosthetic teeth

    Benefits at a glance:
    -high filler content over 65 per cent for permanent attractive aesthetics
    -very good shade matching to prosthetic teeth
    -individual shade nuancing possible by mixing with Signum matrix
    -versatile processing options

    Kulzer Signum Composite Enamel-1x4g


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