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    Heraceram Paste Opaquer Set

    Kulzer Heraceram Paste Opaquer Set

    Kulzer Heraceram, Paste Opaquer, in assortment

    Brand: Kulzer
    Article number: 66046975

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    Heraceram Paste Opaquer Set601,53 EUR

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    Kulzer Heraceram in general
    HeraCeram is a high fusing veneering ceramic for bonding alloys with a CTE ranging from 13.5 -14.9 µm/mK. As a result of the
    low firing temperature of max. 880 °C, all alloys can be reliably processed in this CTE range.

    - VERSATILE - HeraCeram covers a wide range of alloys for all indications, including implant supported superstructures
    - RELIABLE - firing temperatures of max. 880 °C ensure exceptionally reliable and consistent processing, particularly for alloys with a low solidus point (1050 °C)
    - EFFICIENT - extremely short firing times (dentine firing < 10 minutes); identical firing with HeraCeram Zirkonia

    Kulzer Heraceram Paste Opaquer Set
    -1x2ml NP-Primer
    -16x2ml Paste opaquer PO A1–PO D4
    -3x2ml Paste opaquer, intensive,bleach; gold; gingiva
    -1x1ml Paste opaquer liquid POL
    -2x Paste opaquer brush
    -1x Shade guide


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