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    Gluma 2Bond Bottle Value Pack 3x4ml

    Kulzer Gluma 2Bond Bottle Value Pack 3x4ml

    new fifth generation two-step, one-bottle bonding system of Heraeus

    Brand: Kulzer
    Article number: 66040971
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    Gluma 2Bond Bottle Value Pack 3x4ml156,84 EUR

    GLUMA 2Bond
    The new two-step, one-bottle bonding system.
    The new fifth-generation bonding system is based on modern nanofillers. GLUMA 2Bond produce excellent adhesion to the enamel and the dentine, as well as an optimal marginal sealing.
    Furthermore, GLUMA 2Bond contains the GLUMA Desensitiser, a time-tested, successful glutardialdehyde product. GLUMA 2Bond is ideal for sensitive patients or the desensitization of hypersensitive areas.
    One layer for priming, bonding and desensitising
    The handling of GLUMA 2Bond is uncomplicated and easy:
    after the etching with GLUMA Etch and following the rinsing, only one layer of GLUMA 2Bond has to be applied. A time-consuming agitation is not necessary. Easy air-drying produces the effective cross-linking of adhesive and dental surfaces. Because of its new formula and special viscosity, GLUMA 2Bond remains stationary on the tooth. The result is a homogeneous, glossy layer on the enamel and the dentine – the guarantee for an excellent, durable restoration.

    -Bonding direct composite restorations
    -Bonding indirect restorations
    -Treatment of hypersensitive areas of the teeth

    Kulzer Gluma 2Bond Bottle Value Pack-3x4ml


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