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    Palapress powder and liquid

    Kulzer Palapress powder and liquid

    Dental acrylics - cold curing

    Brand: Kulzer
    Available in multiple variants

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    Time saving, acclaimed denture acrylic
    The classic prosthetic acrylic. Palapress permits quick and economical preparation of poured dentures, relines and repairs.
    It is pourable for approximately 2 minutes and has a processing time of up to 7 minutes to ensure high efficiency.
    Because of its low residual monomer content, this denture acrylic is particularly recommended due to its excellent mucous membrane tolerance.

    - Short processing time
    - Excellent tissue tolerence
    - High fitting accuracy
    - Available in five colours
    - Colour stability with catalyst system
    - Without tertiary amines
    - Shade matching for full and partial prosthesis.
    - Low residual monomer content

    - Partial dentures
    - Completing CoCr RPD metal framework dentures
    - Marginal shaping
    - Repairs
    - Indirect relines
    - Extensions

    Processing procedure
    - Pouring technique


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