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    Palapress Vario powder and liquid

    Kulzer Palapress Vario powder and liquid

    self curing denture acrylic

    Brand: Kulzer
    Available in multiple variants

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    Palapress Vario
    - Denture acrylic with longer working time

    Palapress vario is the right choice for multiple, opposing saddles. The advantage of this acrylic is its controlled polymerisation process. With a pouring time of up to 3 minutes, multiple saddles can be poured at the same time – even on different models. Transition to the plastic phase takes place after 4 minutes. This phase lasts up to 9 minutes before the work must be polymerised. That time can be used for pouring opposite saddles, so that several saddles can be simultaneously polymerised to save time.

    - extended processing time, which enables several denture saddles to be poured in one process
    - completion of opposing saddles without interim polymerisation
    - excellent tissue tolerance with low residual monomer content
    - high fitting accuracy
    - available in five colours
    - high color stability
    - no tertiary amine

    - CoCr RPD metal framework denture with opposing saddles
    - Partial dentures
    - Repair material
    - Marginal shaping
    - Indirect relines
    - Extensions

    Processing procedure
    - Pouring technique

    Kulzer Palapress Vario - in bottles (see product list)


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