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    Heraenium P 1kg

    Kulzer Heraenium P 1kg

    CoCr base non precious alloy for frameworks

    Brand: Kulzer
    Article number: 66002217

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    Heraenium P 1kg333,66 EUR

    CoCr-based non-precious metal alloys
    Cobalt-chrome-based bonding alloy for conventional ceramics especially for HeraCeram acc. to EN ISO 9693-1 and 22674.
    Heraenium P was specially designed for classic veneer ceramics like HeraCeram. Heraenium P is a reliable non-precious metal alloy for the manufacture of frameworks, beryllium-, cadmium- and lead-free, with high cobalt and chrome content for optimum processing with good corrosion resistance.

    Aesthetic, high-quality and reliable prostheses can be manufactured, especially when used together with HeraCeram. Customers appreciate the good polishability. This non-precious metal alloy with low CTE from Kulzer GmbH is clinically proven, biocompatible and highly resistant to corrosion. It is compliant with all the requirements of EN ISO 9693 and EN ISO 22674.
    For further processing of the alloy, Kulzer recommends the investment material Heravest Onyx, with which allows accurately fitting, smooth casting results to be obtained.

    Beryllium, cadmium and lead free
    Wide range of indications
    very good corrosion resistance
    easily polished
    CTE (25 - 500 °C) = 13.8 ?m/m*K
    Laserable and solderable

    Kulzer Heraenium P - 1kg alloy for metal frameworks


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