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    Bio Heragold B

    Kulzer Bio Heragold B

    Kulzer Bio Heragold B very high gold content ceramic bonding alloy for metal frameworks

    Brand: Kulzer
    Article number: 12576000
    Unit of measure: 1 gramm

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    High gold content ceramic bonding alloy acc. to EN ISO 9693-1 and 22674, yellow

    - Gold content 86.2mass% (precious-metal content 98.1mass%)
    - Universal indication range, from crowns to large bridges with more than two units, including bridges of maximum span length, upon installation of special framework strengthening.
    - Suitable for milling
    - Palladium and copper free
    - High temperature strength
    - Excellent corrosion resistance

    - Single crowns
    - Bridges
    - Milling procedures
    - Implants

    Product details:
    Composition (Content in mass %)
    Au 86.2 | Pt 11.5
    Zn 1.5 | Ta 0.3
    Ru 0.4 | Mn 0.1
    CTE (25–500°C) 14.3 ?m/m*K

    Recommended solders:
    Herador PF Lot 1040/1010,
    Herador/Maingold PF Lot 800

    Laser welding wire

    Kulzer Bio Heragold B 1g ingots


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