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    Signum Metal Bond

    Kulzer Signum Metal Bond

    Kulzer Signum Metal Bond, metal bonding agent for composites, crowns, bridges and partial dentures

    Brand: Kulzer
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    Kulzer Signum metal bond
    Bonding agent for crowns, bridges and partial dentures.
    The bonding agent is extremely resilient and remains strong for a long
    period of time. It is easier and quicker to process than heat bonding procedures or sandblasting systems.
    The -2 bottle system- provides an extraordinary adhesive force between the alloy and the veneering composite due
    to its specialised material composition.

    - Innovative cold bonding agent for all dental alloys
    - Wide areas of application (acrylic dentures/composite)
    - Due to cold adhesion bonding it is suitable for restorations with a chairside application
    - Up to 300 % better shear bond strength on PM alloy (see graphic below*)
    - Space saving build up of layers
    - Opaque 2. component for quick metal masking

    Kulzer Signum metal Bond


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