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    Easy Glass Post refill 1.25 /10pcs

    SpofaDental Easy Glass Post refill 1.25 /10pcs

    SpofaDental Easy Glass Post refill 1.25 /10pcs fiberglass composite post for reinforcing root canal after endodontic treatment

    Brand: SpofaDental
    Article number: 4124381

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    Easy Glass Post refill 1.25 /10pcs24,41 EUR

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    Easy Glass Post is a fiberglass composite Post for use after endodontic treatment for root canal reinforcing

    Post endodontic treatment for core build up reinforcing
    Has fiberglass lengthwise width solid but flexible bending capability.
    X-ray opaque Post for better later diagnosis
    For best fit into the root canal it features a tapered shape
    Easy to cut
    Transparent, guides light
    Works very well with all composites

    SpofaDental Easy Glass Post refill 1.25 /10pcs


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