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    Gluma Bond Universal Value Pack 3x4ml

    Kulzer Gluma Bond Universal Value Pack 3x4ml

    Kulzer Gluma Bond Universal Value Pack New Universal bond, only one material for all your bonding needs 3x4ml

    Brand: Kulzer
    Article number: 66061422
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    Gluma Bond Universal Value Pack 3x4ml175,77 EUR

    Using the Gluma Bond Universal you can pick any bonding technique you like
    -Total Etch: The etching can be applied on the dentin and the enamel as well.
    -Selective etching: You can etch just the enamel
    -Self etching: Bonding without separate etch

    With the Gluma One bond you can reach the best result with any of your favourite bonding method.

    1 material for all indications, and intra oral repair
    -1 material is securing bonding of direct and indirect restorations, or repair of veneering.
    -This bonding agent can be used for any cavity type in the black class, for bonding any dual curing or self curing methacrylate based composite/compomer direct restauration.
    -Light curing, dual curing or self curing core build up material bonding
    -Sealing of ultra sensible teeth surfaces
    -Base lining of cavity before amalgam
    -Bonding of fissure sealers
    -Securing of cavity and the prepared build ups before fixing the restoration (Immediate dentine sealing technique)
    -Bonding of indirect restorations combined with light curing, dual curing, or self curing adhesive resin cement.
    -Intra oral repair of composite restorations, compomer restorations, metal ceramic, metal and full ceramic restorations

    Kulzer Gluma Bond Universal Value Pack (3x4ml) + pictogram


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