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    COCO Line, color collection

    COCO Line, color collection (photo2)

    Akzenta COCO Line, color collection

    Akzenta Coco Line, single use products color collection, all you need in the dental office, cups, patient towels, savila ejectors and much more

    Brand: Akzenta
    Available in multiple variants

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    49,04 EUR

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    Akzenta Coco line single use professional Akzenta products color collection. The quantities are set to meet the use of the dental office.

    Right now we have size M packs available in the colors listed below

    Patient towels /folded 50pcs
    Patient towels / rolls 80pcs
    Saliva ejector 100pcs
    Cup 50pcs
    Tray paper 250pcs
    headrest cover 50pcs
    Mask 50pcs
    Glooves, NITRIL 100pcs
    Glooves, LATEX 100pcs
    Exhaustor 10pcs
    toothbrush 100pcs

    Akzenta Coco Line color collection


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