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    SinossMem collagen membrane 15x20mm

    SinossMem collagen membrane 15x20mm (photo2)

    Novadento SinossMem collagen membrane 15x20mm

    Novadento SinossMem The natural resorbable collagen membrane with the extra long barrier function 15x20mm

    Brand: Novadento
    Article number: 1310

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    SinossMem is a native resorbable collagen membrane for the Guided Tissue and Bone Regeneration. SinossMem has been especially prepared, purified and chemically modificated, the material is biocompatible, apyrogenic and fully resorbable in live tissue when implanted. SinossMem provides a long-lasting, adequate barrier function and is completely bioresorbed within 6 months. SinossMem satisfy the physicochemical characteristics to provide for biocompatibility, tissue integration, cell-occlusivity, space making ability, and also ease of use in the clinic (Gottlow 1993). The biologic structure of the SinossMem surface prevents ingrowth of soft tissue and allows cells and blood vessel penetration and quick integration into surrounding tissue. This unique biologic function provides an perfect basis for hard and soft tissue healing with SinossMem

    1. Controlled wound healing and blood clot support
    2. Long-term barrier function in GBR/GTR procedures
    3. Resorption time approx. 6 months
    4. Easy application in dry or wet status
    5. Can be cut to shape for specific procedures
    6. Rough and porous structure for cell guidance

    Indications: Implantology, Periodontology, Oral Surgery & CMF in dry status.
    1. Horizontal and/or vertical ridge augmentation
    2. GBR/GTR simultaneous use with bone substitutes
    3. Periodontal bone defects
    4. Fenestration and dehiscence defects

    1. Natural and pure collagen composition
    2. Resorption by body's own healing processes
    3. Biocompatible without inflammative body reaction
    4. Controlled barrier function
    5. Natural soft tissue matrix guide for cells and blood vessels
    6. Stabilisation and protection of bone graft materials

    Novadento SinossMem Resorbable Pericardium Collagen Membrane 15x20mm


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