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    Imprint 4 Penta Heavy+Light trial kit

    3M Espe Imprint 4 Penta Heavy+Light trial kit

    3M Espe Imprint 4 enhanced A silicon with extreme fast intra oral setting time, even more precise and faster setting in mouth

    Brand: 3M Espe
    Article number: 71497

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    Imprint 4 Penta Heavy+Light trial kit120,19 EUR

    Long working time for you
    Having adequate working time is important for accurate results. Imprint 4 material gives you all the working time you need.
    Due to the unique chemistry, the setting time doesn’t start until the END of the working time. That means you’ll have a sufficient amount of time to load and seat the tray—no stressful race against the clock. Whether you use a 1-step or 2-step impressioning technique, Imprint 4 material puts you in control of your everyday crown and bridge cases.

    Fast setting time for them.
    Choosing a fast-setting impression material minimizes the time the impression is in the mouth—this reduces stress for patients, and reduces the possibility of errors.
    Imprint 4 VPS Impression Material offers the fastest intra-oral setting time among leading VPS fast-setting impression materials,1 offering a real time savings. How?
    The innovative active self-warming feature accelerates setting time.
    Once in the mouth, the material warms up to body temperature (37°C/98.6°F). This speeds up the setting reaction which results in a short intra-oral setting time.

    Super hydrophilicity for accurate detail
    Imprint 4 material is super-hydrophilic, and displaces moisture right from the start in the unset state. That allows the material to reproduce accurate details even in a moist environment—giving you ultimate precision and confidence.
    1. 3M ESPE internal data
    2. Source: Field evaluation in Europe and the U.S. conducted by 3M ESPE and Key Group Research.

    3M Espe Imprint 4 Penta Heavy
    (Light) Trial kit "2 minutes setting time"

    - 1x300 ml base paste,
    - 1x60 ml catalist
    - 1 x 50ml Imprint 4 Light
    - 10 Penta mixing tip
    - 5 Garant mixing tip
    - 5 Intra-orális applicator

    See it in Action
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