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    Admira Fusion syringe 3g

    VOCO Admira Fusion syringe 3g

    VOCO Admira Fusion syringe 3g, Universal nanohybrid ORMOCER® first ever fully ceramic nanohybrid restoration material

    Brand: VOCO
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    Universal nanohybrid ORMOCER® restorative material

    -Class I to V restorations
    -Base in class I and II cavities
    -Reconstruction of traumatically damaged anteriors
    -Facetting of discoloured anteriors
    -Correction of shape and shade for improved aesthetic appearance
    -Locking, splinting of loose anteriors
    -Repairing veneers, small enamel defects and temporary C&B-materials
    -Extended fissure sealing
    -Restoration of deciduous teeth
    -Core build-up
    -Composite inlays

    The worldwide first purely ceramic-based restorative material
    - Pure Silicate Technology, i.e., fillers and resin matrix based purely on silicon oxide
    - Contains no classic monomers Thanks to the most innovative ORMOCER® technology
    - By far the lowest polymerisation shrinkage (1.25 % by volume) and particularly low level of shrinkage stress in comparison to all conventional restorative composites
    - Inert, so highly biocompatible and extremely resistant to discolouration Completely universal - meeting highest demands in anterior and posterior regions
    - Perfect coordination of translucence with opacity for natural results
    - The optimal selection of shades enables highly flexible working using either the single or multiple shade system Excellent handling, simple high-lustre polishing procedure coupled with high surface hardness guarantee first-class long-term results Compatible with all conventional bonding agents

    Full presentation video starting from the molecular structire and ending with a case sudy
    Source: VOCO Gmbh


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