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    Filtek Z250 starter kit

    3M Espe Filtek Z250 starter kit

    3M Espe Filtek Z250 starter kit 8 syringes universal filling material in syringes, based on million times prooven reliable hybrid technology

    Brand: 3M Espe
    Article number: 6020E

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    Filtek Z250 starter kit363,13 EUR

    Filtek Z250 starter kit (8 syringes)
    Universal Restorative has been used in over a million restorations worldwide. Based on reliable hybrid technology it is ideally suited for convenient single-shade restorations in the anterior and especially in the posterior region.
    Filtek Z250 universal restorative was rated an “excellent choice for durable, aesthetic restorations in anterior and posterior teeth”.
    -Long-term clinical experience
    -Easily sculptable and virtually non-sticky
    -Patented zirconium/silica filler for contrast rich radiopacity without heavy metal additives

    -Direct anterior and posterior restorations
    -Indirect inlays, onlays and veneers
    -Sandwich technique
    -Core build-up
    -Cusp build-up

    3M Espe Filtek Z250 Starter Kit
    8x4 g Filtek Z250 composite (A1, A2, A3, A3,5, B3, C2, D3, UD)
    1x6 ml Adper Single Bond 2
    1x3 ml Scotchbond etch
    accesories, shade guide


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