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    Clinpro Prophy Powder - 4x100g Bottle

    3M Espe Clinpro Prophy Powder - 4x100g Bottle

    Clinpro Prophy 4x100g powder in bottles

    Brand: 3M Espe
    Article number: 67001

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    Clinpro Prophy Powder:
    for sub- and supragingival use.
    For safe, effective plaque removal.
    Clinpro Prophy Powder represents a unique innovation in air-polish technology and periodontal
    treatment. It is more comfortable than manual procedures, allows even sub gingival plaque to be
    removed safely and, because of its minimal abrasiveness, it is gentle to the tooth enamel, dental
    restorative materials (such as gold and other metal and composites) and the soft root surfaces,
    preventing any loss of substance. In addition, Clinpro Prophy Powder removes pathogenic bacteria
    in the periodontal pockets more effectively than conventional plaque removal procedure.
    Plaque on the sub- and supragingival tooth surfaces is mechanically removed with Clinpro Prophy
    Powder – either in routine professional tooth cleaning or in addition to subgingival scaling during
    initial periodontal treatment. Light to moderate extrinsic stains (for example, from tobacco, red
    wine, etc.) can also be safely and easily removed with Clinpro Prophy Powder.

    Features and Benefits:
    Clinpro Prophy Powder
    Benefits for the dentist and dental hygienist.
    Clinpro Prophy Powder makes professional tooth cleaning much faster, easier and more effective.

    Benefits for the patient.
    With Clinpro Prophy Powder, plaque removal ceases to be a necessary evil, now its a comfortable
    and pleasant-tasting procedure.

    Clinpro Prophy 4x100g powder Bottle


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