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    crown separator H4MCL

    crown separator H4MCL (photo2)

    Komet crown separator H4MCL

    Komet Crown separator, removal for ceramic crowns and extremely hard metal crowns, separator at a 45 ° angle

    Brand: Komet
    Article number: H4MCL 314 012
    Unit of measure: 1 pcs

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    crown separator H4MCL6,65 EUR

    Can only be ordered in five pieces packs
    Crowns veneered for ceramic and extremely hard metal crowns 
    Crown separator at a 45 ° angle 
    (Use for extremely hard ceramics such as zirconium oxide, 4ZR)
    Application: Crown separation
    Crown Separator H4MC
    For metal and ceramics 

    Thanks to its special D toothing, the H4MC enables quick and easy machining of crowns and bridges of all common metal alloys. Large chip spaces enable fast chip removal and prevent smearing, especially when machining soft gold-containing alloys. Even ceramic veneers are no problem for the H4MC. The pyramidal cutting geometry prevents cutting edges, gives the instruments a high stability with high breaking strength and ensures a low-vibration and smooth running.
    Application:crown Disconnect
    Size Diameter:010 1/10 mm
    Length:3.5 mm
    Max. Speed:450000


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