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    Gelatamp 14x7x7mm 20pcs

    Gelatamp 14x7x7mm 20pcs (photo2)

    Roeko Gelatamp 14x7x7mm 20pcs

    Roeko Gelatamp is an anti-haemorrhagic sponge, reliable wound care after tooth removal, 20pcs

    Brand: Roeko
    Available in multiple variants
    Unit of measure: 20 pcs

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    anti-haemorrhagic sponge
    Pack size: 20 pcs

    treatment of alveoli and wound cavities,
    For example:
    - extractio
    root peak resection
    - sinus opening
    - other surgical interventions (removal of tumors and residual teeth)
    prophylactic treatment:
    secondary cavity formation
    - wound infection
    - prevention of secondary bleeding
    followed by periodontal disease and gingivectomy

    - Reliable wound care after the tooth removal
    - Silver content
    - Fast blood coagulation
    - Stable blood clot
    - Complete absorption
    - Long-lasting, wide antibacterial protection
    - Ineffective healing
    - Time-saving

    Gelatamp is available in a ready for use sterile packaging.
    If necessary, the small sponge can be formed into the shape of the wound cavity.
    Two sponges can be used for larger wounds. The sponge shouldn't be compressed,
    because its structure changes and its absorbent capacity decreases.
    After the extraction, let the alveolus
    blood saturated
    Cut to the right size on
    Gelatamp sponge
    Place the sponge on
    cavity and sew together
    with the wound

    a Gelatamp Gelatin sponge (14 × 7 × 7 mm) contains:
    hard gelatin Ph. Eur. 9.5 mg
    Colloidal Silver Ph Eur 0.5 mg


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