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    Charisma Opal Flow 1x1.8g syringes

    Kulzer Charisma Opal Flow 1x1.8g syringes

    Kulzer Charisma Opal Flow 1x1.8g syringe, universal flowable light curing submicron hybrid composite.

    Brand: Kulzer
    Available in multiple variants

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    Charisma Opal Flow is the ideal completion of the Charisma-brand. Because of its very good controllable viscosity the minimal invasive tasks will be even more uncomplicated.
    Charisma Opal Flow stands for diagnosis-safe radiopacity and easy handling. With this addition to either Charisma Diamond or Charisma Opal you get everything you need for durable and safe restorations.

    Excellent handling properties: Charisma Opal Flow creates a uniform, smooth surface in areas of the cavity that are difficult to access. The flowable composite is applied in a non-dripping syringe and retains its shape and position following application.

    Naturally perfect, durable restorations: Charisma Opal Flow shows low shrinkage and high flexural strength for naturally perfect, durable restorations. The compact shade system with its 7 colours can be combined with all commercially available acrylate based composites.

    Safe diagnosis: The composite filling is easily distinguished from the residual tooth structure due to its excellent radiopaque properties. Charisma Opal Flow ensures an optimal, reliable diagnosis.

    Kulzer Charisma Opal Flow 1x1.8g syringe + 5pcs applicator


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