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    Kulzer Charisma flow Syringe Assortment

    Kulzer Charisma Flow assortment, flowable , light curing radiopaque micro-hybrid composite

    Brand: Kulzer
    Article number: 66015521
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    Charisma flow Syringe Assortment89,35 EUR

    Charisma Flow is the ideal supplement to our microhybrid composite Charisma Classic. Its low viscosity and good thixotropy makes it the ideal choice for many indications like cavity lining, fissure sealing and minimal invasive fillings.
    The Charisma Flow Baseliner is a white and opaque shade that can be applied on the cavity floor to mark the transition to the natural hard tooth tissue. This means that unnecessary drilling away of healthy hard tooth tissue when removing an insufficient filling can be avoided
    Charisma Flow stands for safe usage and a high standard of naturally reliable restorations
    Versatile all-rounder for many indications
    Easy and fast handling due to its low viscosity and good thixotropy
    Its radiopacity enables a save and reliable diagnosis
    Pronounced chameleon effect
    Shades of Charisma Flow optimally match the Charisma Classic shades

    Content: Kulzer Charisma Flow Syringe Assortment
    1 x 1.8 g syringe each of shades
    A1;66015495 , A2;66015496 , A3;66015497 , Baseliner + 20 cannulas ,mixing pad, pictorial card


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