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    Amaris Set Caps

    VOCO Amaris Set Caps

    Highly aesthetic light-curing restorative material kit + accessories

    Brand: VOCO
    Article number: 1950

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    VOCO Amaris highly aesthetic light-curing restorative material

    Aesthetic restoration of class III, IV and V cavities in anterior teeth
    Aesthetic restoration of class I, II and V cavities in posterior teeth
    Reconstruction of traumatically damaged anterior teeth
    Direct and indirect composite veneers and facing of discoloured
    anterior teeth
    Shape and shade correction for improved aesthetics
    Repairing highly aesthetic porcelain, e.g. veneers
    Splinting of anterior teeth.

    - Two simple steps, perfect results
    - Layering like in nature: shades are created from the inside of the
    - Simple and precise shade match
    - Natural shade transitions automatically
    - Natural aesthetics can be achieved with only 11 shades in a
    simple layer technique
    - Easy to learn, fast aesthetic results
    - Intuitive approach, no preconceived shades
    - Non-sticky consistency is ideal for modelling and shaping
    - Long resistance to ambient and chair light
    - Optimal polishability
    - Natural fl uorescence and high colour stability
    - Good chameleon effect for invisible restorations.

    Amaris Set Caps
    128×0.25g (16 each O1,O2,O3,O4,O5,TL,TN, TD), Amaris Flow syringe 2×1.8g (HT,HO), accessories


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