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    GLUMA Self Etch 4 ml

    Kulzer GLUMA Self Etch 4 ml

    Kulzer GLUMA Self Etch is the innovative 7 th generation all in one bond means: etch, primer, bond, and desensitization, all in one

    Brand: Kulzer
    Article number: 66046246

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    Kulzer GLUMA Self Etch bottle refill

    New innovative Self Etch Bonding system of the 7th generation (Self Etch 1-Step), is a safe, reliable, convenient bonding agent which stands for clinical proven reliable treatments and easy handling. The GLUMA Self Etch nano one step adhesive combines high bond strength, clinical reliable restorations and with an desensitizing effect.
    It is a light-curing, Etch, Prime and Bond adhesive for all filling therapies and the consequent further development of the established iBond Gluma inside & iBond Self Etch.

    -Bonding of direct composite restorations
    -Bonding of indirect composite restorations
    -Treating hypersensitive tooth areas

    Minimum preparation time
    GLUMA Self Etch system is immediately effective
    Minimum failures
    The GLUMA Self Etch allows you to have maximum error avoiding application, even treating hyperactive patients
    Minimum sensitivity
    The GLUMA Self Etch chemistry even can be used in sensitive cases

    Kulzer GLUMA Self Etch bottle refill 4 ml


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