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    GrandioSO Heavy Flow Syringe 2×2g

    VOCO GrandioSO Heavy Flow Syringe 2×2g

    Flowable universal nano-hybrid restorative material in syringe – highly viscous

    Brand: VOCO
    Available in multiple variants

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    87,49 EUR

    VOCO GrandioSO Heavy Flow, flowable universal nano-hybrid restorative material – highly viscous

    Fillings of class I to V cavities
    Minimally invasive fi lling therapy
    Extended fi ssure sealing
    Blocking out undercuts
    Lining or coating cavities
    Repairing fi llings and veneers
    Luting translucent prosthetic pieces (e.g., full ceramic
    crowns, etc.)
    Interlocking and splinting teeth (e.g., with glass fi bre strands)
    Use as a base material in combination with glass fi bres or similar
    products for fabricating semi-permanent crowns and bridges.

    - Increased stability in comparison to conventional flowables, i.e. no undesirable runoff
    - Universal application – for indication-appropriate treatment of all cavity classes
    - Physical properties superior to those of various other packable materials, e.g. hardness, stability, abrasion resistance
    - Very high filler content of 83 % w/w
    - Precise application with complete wetting of the cavity walls
    - Precise dosing without excess for time-saving work
    - Undercuts, approximal boxes and paragingival areas can be easily filled
    - Ideal for use in combination with GrandTEC
    - 12 shades for aesthetic restorations – perfectly coordinated with GrandioSO
    - High shade stability
    - Very good polishability and durable brilliance
    - Available in the non-dripping NDT®-syringe and Flow-Caps with flexible metal cannulae

    VOCO GrandioSO Heavy Flow Syringes 2×2g


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    VOCO GrandioSO Flow Syringe 2×2g

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