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    x-tra base Caps 16×0,25g

    VOCO x-tra base Caps 16×0,25g

    Flowable light-curing base composite in capsules

    Brand: VOCO
    Available in multiple variants

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    VOCO  x-tra base
    Flowable light-curing base composite.

    Base in class I and II cavities
    Cavity lining under direct restorative materials in class I and II
    Small, non occlusal stress-bearing class I restorations according to
    minimally invasive fi lling therapy
    Class III and V restorations
    Extended fi ssure sealing
    Undercut blockout
    Repair of small enamel defects
    Repair of small defects in aesthetic indirect restorations
    Repair of temporary C&B-materials
    Core build-up.

    - 4 mm restoration base in one simple step
    - Cures reliably in only 10 seconds (shade universal)
    - Perfect surface affinity for outstanding adaption
    - Low shrinkage stress
    - High radiopacity (350 %Al)
    - Self-levelling
    - Can be combined with any methacrylate-based bonding or composite .
    - The non-dripping NDT®-syringe or convenient Flow-Caps with bendable metal cannulae ensure a reliable, precisely accurate application
    - Also available in shade A2

    VOCO x-tra base Caps 16 × 0,25 g


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