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    Charisma EasyShine 6pcs polishing set

    Kulzer Charisma EasyShine 6pcs polishing set

    Kulzer Charisma EasyShine 6pcs polishing kit easy and fast polishing in one step only (reusable)

    Brand: Kulzer
    Article number: 66060002

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    Charisma EasyShine 6pcs polishing set21,82 EUR

    The use Charisma Easy Shine polishing system result in outstanding high lustre in one single step.
    Easy and fast usage thanks to the one step system. this is all you need to get perfect polishing result for your composite. Meet the new member of the Charisma Family, the Charisma EasyShine polishing kit.
    Excellent results:The diamond enhanced formula delivers excellent longlasting polishing results through a pressure controlled polishing process. Highly polished tooth surfaces prevent plaque accumulation and reduce the risk of secondary caries for long-lasting natural restorations.

    One-step polishing system:
    Smoothing and high-lustre polishing in one step are possible by adapting the applied pressure. There is no need to change instruments, which saves time and brings less technique sensitivity.

    Universally applicable:
    The three available shapes (Flame, Large Flame and Cup) cover all intra-oral applications. They are compatible with all kinds of composites and are ideally suited for harisma composites from Kulzer.

    Durable and reusable:
    All polishers are suitable for sterilisation and therefore reusable.
    Enjoy the benefits of Charisma EasyShine polishers. They offer the fast and easy way towards perfect polishing results. They are the economic solution to finish off your Charisma restorations.

    Kulzer Charisma EasyShine polishing kit 6pcs


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