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    Paladur powder 500g

    Kulzer Paladur powder 500g

    Kulzer Paladur denture repair material powder component 500g

    Brand: Kulzer
    Available in multiple variants

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    91,22 EUR

    Efficient denture repair, even without a pressure polymerisation device Easy processing and its drop-forming,
    liquid consistency permit secure repairs or relines - simply and quickly. Ingenious, extremely well matched formulation
    permits curing in thinner layers without requiring polymerisation devices – it simply cures in air. Its low shrinkage
    contributes to the preservation of accurate denture fit after repair. A wide variety of colours and excellent colour
    match with the entire range of Kulzer dental materials achieve invisible results on repairs and relines.

    - Extremly easy processing
    - Fast polymerisation
    - Good chemical bonding
    - Can be used without pressure polymerisation unit
    - Available in four colours
    - Colours match with the entire range of Kulzer denture acrylics
    - Low polymerisation shrinkage

    - Extensions
    - Marginal shaping
    - Repairs
    - Reattachment of teeth
    - Partial and full indirect relines

    Processing procedure
    - Pouring procedure

    Kulzer Paladur powder 500g


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