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    Xantalgin Select SH 500g

    Kulzer Xantalgin Select SH 500g

    fast-setting alginat impression material for situation impressions

    Brand: Kulzer
    Article number: 66096903

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    Xantalgin Select SH 500g15,65 EUR

    Kulzer Xantalgin Select SH is a fast-setting alginate impression material. It is also suitable for situational impressions as well as a study model.

    For single-phase impressions, functional impressions

    - For the treatment of more sensitive patients
    - Quick-setting impression-taking alginate
    - Creamy consistency
    - Pleasant minty taste, light green color
    - 1 minute intraoral setting time

    Mixing time: 30 sec
    Pick-up time: 60 sec
    Intraoral setting time: 60 sec

    Kulzer Xantalgin Select SH 500 g


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